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Underground Cables and Utilities Detection


Cable Detection Services

Other services include detection for power cables, telecommunication cables, gas pipes, water pipes, sewers, trial trenching, endoscopic, inspection, CCTV pre and post inspection, underwater detection, cable damage consultancy, etc

More than 1,000 Cable detection and Trial pit jobs completed

Preventing Cable Damage is Everyone’s Responsibility

Cable Detection

Our services include locating underground cables and other utilities in work places such as construction sites and other places where earthworks are required or being carried out. 

Our scope of works include, but not limited to, Detection for Power Cables, Telecommunication Cables, Gas Pipes, Water Pipes, Sewers, Trial Trenching, Endoscopic Inspection, CCTV Pre and Post Inspection, Underwater Detection, Consultancy on Cable damages, etc.

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Cable Detection


 Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a type of equipment that is capable of detecting underground features such as, Utilities, pipes, geography of subsurface, cavities, voids, and more.

Our GPR capability includes the ability to scan up to 120m underground, locate voids and cavities, scan water features and aerial drone flight, allowing us to  manoeuvre across sloping and potentially inaccessible terrain.

With a wide range of GPR experience, the latest GPR technologies, and a range of GPR frequency antennas, Cambrian is your best and only choice for GPR scanning.

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Trial Trench

To verify that a cable or underground services exist, we can also carry out trial trenching services once the underground services are identified or traced. Our work includes trial trenching on turf, public roads, asphalt, and other areas where it is necessary to carry out trial trenches. 

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Trial trench

CCTV & Sewer Alignment

Sewers can be monitored in order to capture and evaluate the integrity of the sewers.  

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Leak Detection

Leaks can happen in any pipe, and it can even happen in underground water pipes. 

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Trial trench

Calibration of Locators

Cable locators and transmitters are essential tools in carrying out cable detection works. It is therefore critical to ensure that the cable locating equipment is calibrated periodically to increase confidence in the detection works.  

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We provide the following training programs:

– Training on How To Use Cable Detection Equipment On Site

– Training on How To Avoid Cable Damages On Site

– Training on Earthworks Requirements In Singapore

– Customised training needs

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Trial trench


In some cases, a cable has been damaged on site. Or if you would llike a second opinion, call us to inquire on how we can help you.

Cables & Utilities Detection Services Pte Ltd, fondly known as “CUDS”, has been established since 1996. With almost 22 years of track records, it is not surprising that CUDS has completed more than 1,000 projects. Our clientele ranges from Authorities, Consultants, Developers, Contractors to private owners.

CUDS is the preferred utilities detection contractor due to its strong reputation for reliable work, complete services from detection to trial pits/trenching, sewer CCTV, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Global Positioning System


We specialise in

  •  Underground Cables and Services Detection
  •  GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar)
  •  GPS
  •  Trial pit / trenching
  •  NCE Application
  • Conduct UCD Training Classes

Information about our comprehensive course, Understanding Cable Detection and Earthworks Requirements (with reference to SS 576) training course can be found here.

For instrumentation and load cell calibration in Singapore, click here to reach out to our corporate partners.